'Paris archive' of Alimardan Topchibashi published in Moscow

'Paris archive' of Alimardan Topchibashi published in Moscow

The book 'Paris archive. The first volume 1919-1921' by Alimardan Topchibashi was published by the Moscow publishing house 'Khudozhestvennaya Literatura' with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

The book contains documents and materials from the Paris archive of Alimardan oglu Topchibashi, devoted to political activity of the Azerbaijani diplomatic delegation, led by him, at the Paris Peace Conference.

Special attention was given to documents and materials, reflecting both the international context of the era, as well as diplomatic relations between the Azerbaijani delegation and official and unofficial representatives of the European states.

The vast majority of archival sources were published for the first time, providing an opportunity to get acquainted with the new pages of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, as well as with the national liberation struggle of the peoples of Azerbaijan and Caucasus in 1919-1921.

It is worth noting that three more books, which will cover the period until 1940, are scheduled for release.


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