Participants of the G20 summit will not be disturbed

Participants of the G20 summit will not be disturbed

Unprecedented security measures have been taken in the resort town of Belek located in the suburbs of Antaya, where the G20 summit will open tomorrow. No outsiders will be able to travel there due to the measures taken.

"The whole area around the perimeter is enclosed by a hollow metal guardrail over two meters high, all access roads are blocked, except for three designated for the delegations and the press. Participants registered by the police and checked on transport can move within the area of ​​the summit,’’ TASS quotes one of the chiefs of the police units controlling the entrance.

At the same time, this will have practically no effect on the life of Antalya itself. The number of law enforcement personnel, including those in plainclothes, has increased in the city and in the sky above the city police helicopters regularly appear, but it does not create any interference for travelers.


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