Pashinyan: Armenia's 'love revolution' worth $200,000

Pashinyan: Armenia's 'love revolution' worth $200,000

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that they have spent about $200,000 for the 2018 revolution, noting that it was a "victory of romanticism over pragmatism."

Pashinyan assured that he has no "shadow commitments" before anyone, since he has received the money for this revolution from ordinary people. He stressed that this revolution would have been impossible without the social media.

"We have spent about $200,000 for our revolution. Where did that money come from? We have asked people. We had an e-wallet and Armenians from all over the world — the great part from Russia, in that — were donating us money; we spent that money," the PM said in an interview with RBC TV of Russia.

Pashinyan stressed that such an approach has enabled the Armenian revolutionaries not to be indebted to any circles. "As a result, the situation in Armenia has changed in a way that now there are no monopolies here," cited him as saying.


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