Pashinyan: We tell all businessmen to come and invest in Armenia, get rich and make rich

Pashinyan: We tell all businessmen to come and invest in Armenia, get rich and make rich

Armenia's acting Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan attended the conference “Investments and trade”. Parliamentarians, ministers, business representatives, chairmen of trade and industry chambers, representatives of major companies from 20 countries participated in the conference, reported citing the official website of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

The acting PM saluted the intentions of the businessmen participating in the conference to invest in Armenia.

“Unfortunately, not so long ago some people used the words corruption and poverty when referring to our country and emphasized the factor that Armenia is an agrarian country. Following the non-violent, popular velvet revolution of Armenia in April-May we set a task to make Armenia a lawful country and to encourage labor and high technologies.  And for reaching this goal we consider businessmen our best allies, who want to make new investments in Armenia.  We want to promote labor in the Republic of Armenia and tell each investor to come and do business in Armenia, to become rich and make others rich. We invite every investor to Armenia for recording success and inspiring others by their success”, the acting PM said.

Pashinyan emphasized that today favorable conditions for investments have been created in Armenia, since equality before the law has been established in Armenia.

“I think it’s a tragedy when the head of a country is engaged in business and has business interests. I think it’s really a priority factor for promoting business. Therefore, I have good news for all of you. I am out of competition,” Pashinyan said.


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