Pashinyan promises to be "gentle" with Armenia

 Pashinyan promises to be "gentle" with Armenia

The head of the Yelk parliamentary faction, the opposition leader and the only candidate to become prime minister of the republic, Nikol Pashinyan, speaking with the Russian media, said that he intended to act "gently" to change power in the country.

According to the Kommersant nespaper, he used the word "gently" speaking about the way to break the power process in Armenia. At the same time, he stressed that he is in contact with "individuals" in the RPA, discussing "the recognition of a peaceful transfer." 

Pashinyan drew attention to the fact that the "velvet revolution" is underway in Armenia. "Now everything suits us. There is no real development scenario that would not suit us. In such a situation we will win in any case," he concluded, adding that the change of power in the country will last as long as necessary.


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