Pashinyan secretly orders to increase salaries of his ministers

Pashinyan secretly orders to increase salaries of his ministers

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan by a secret order substantially increased salaries of ministers, deputy ministers, and general secretaries of the ministries. The order was issued in July, reported.

The publication sent a written request to three ministries. In response, data were obtained on the number of employees and payroll for May-August. In some cases, a significant difference was noticed. For example, Emergency Situations Minister Felix Tsolakyan received AMD 6 million for the indicated period. Dividing by four, it turns out one and a half million. The same is the case with the Minister of Ecology Erik Grigoryan. The Finance Ministry refused to provide data.

The salary of government officials is established by law. however, it turns out that without changing the law, by secret order of the Prime Minister, the salaries of senior officials doubled.

A similar situation with the salaries of deputy ministers and general secretaries of ministries. Instead of the statutory AMD 562 160 - 1 million 60 thousand in the case of the deputy minister and instead of AMD 595 260 - 870 thousand.

Upon a request to Nikol Pashinyan's office, the publication was told that the issue had been resolved by a secret procedure and therefore the information was not subject to publication.