Patrushev: Ukraine and Georgia got no real help from the West, but dependency

Patrushev: Ukraine and Georgia got no real help from the West, but dependency

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev believes that instead of promised prosperity, Ukraine and Georgia only got dependence from the West.

"Amid promises of prosperous life, sovereignty and democracy, the CIS states receive no real aid from the West, aside from dependency, as it happens now in Georgia and Ukraine," Patrushev told Argumenty I Fakty newspaper.

Speaking about the West’s elevated interest in post-Soviet countries, he noted that the republics that suffered "color revolutions" got "instead of promised democratization and prosperity a destabilized political system, growth of corruption and organized crime, deep economic and social crisis, and plummeting of the standard of living."

"In many cases, these countries sank into civil wars," TASS cited the Security Council secretary as saying.

According to Patrushev, the West uses a vast set of tools to influence the sovereign nations: from information and propaganda, as well as political and diplomatic pressure to regime changes by "inciting allegedly spontaneous civic unrest."

The destructive processes in states with undesirable leadership may be sparked by contrived allegations against the government, complaints about demonstration break-up, a death of a protester or purported election rigging.

In most cases, regime toppling happened "in strategic interests of the Western military-political or economic unions, as well as trans-national corporations, in association with intelligence agencies," Patrushev said. "Some of the local political elites also profited from repartition of the spheres of influence and property, acting as a cover tool for the real organizers of the coups and its outside sources," the secretary underscored.

He noted that in these processes the bets were placed on people, who entered maturity after the fall of the Soviet Union and who had no first-hand knowledge about it. "The calculations indicate that the natural replacement of the lower management (27-30 years) is almost done already, replacement of middle management (30-40 years) will happen before 2026, and replacement of top management (40-50 years) will be done before 2036. However, examples of Georgia and Ukraine indicate that this process of formation of hostile behavior of elites around Russia can be artificially accelerated," Patrushev believes.


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