Patrushev on Western countries' policy of deterring Russia

Patrushev on Western countries' policy of deterring Russia

Russia’s foreign and domestic policies cause counteractions from several Western countries, which strive to preserve their dominance in global affairs, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said at a session of the Security Council’s scientific council. 

According to him, "disagreements are growing over uneven global development, expanding the gap between welfare levels in different countries, fighting for resources, access to markets, control over transport arteries."

"In such conditions, new approaches of a comprehensive interconnected nature are needed to ensure national security," the secretary said.

He noted that the policy of deterring Russia which is carried out by the Western countries envisages political, economic, military and informational pressure.

According to the press service, the session was focused on issues of ensuring Russia’s national interests in the Asia-Pacific Region in the conditions of implementation of the active phase of the US strategic shift to this region.


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