Patrushev: one people divided now lives in Russia and Ukraine

Patrushev: one people divided now lives in Russia and Ukraine

Historically, one people lives in Russia and Ukraine, which is now divided, Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev said.

"The Ukrainians are now being convinced that the Russians are their deep-rooted enemies. In Ukraine like in fascist Germany, a far right nationalist ideology is being reinforced. The young people are educated through textbooks saying that the whole history of Ukraine is a history of the fight for independence from Russia," Patrushev said.

"The US and the European Union staged a state coup in Ukraine, which brought to power forces conducting anti-national and anti-Russian policy. Kiev continues to escalate tensions by disrupting bilateral trade and economic ties, halting flights to Russia, cutting energy supplies to Crimea and undermining humanitarian ties between two people, placing a stake on a military solution to the intrastate contradictions," he noted.

"The vector of development chosen by Kiev has put Ukraine under external control. The country is losing its sovereignty and independence in domestic and foreign policy. The country’s economy is already controlled by Western companies and the leading ministries are headed by foreigners who have obtained Ukrainian citizenship," the head of the Security Council said.