People in Baku are very friendly, Russian gymnasts say

People in Baku are very friendly, Russian gymnasts say

People in Baku are very benevolent, Russian gymnasts said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza after the award ceremony, at which the Russian team was awarded with a gold medal of the European Aerobics Championship in Baku.

“It’s very nice to perform in Baku. People are very benevolent, they support everyone. It really helps,” they said.

According to the gymnasts, they are very pleased with the award. ”We feel joy. We all really wanted this team medal, it was our aim. We worked and we are happy," the athletes said.

“Our rivals were Romanians and Hungarians. It was a very hard struggle, but we managed it,” they said.

“We will not go to Minsk for the 2nd European Games, but another part of our national team will go and defend the honor of our country,” the gymnasts assured.

The European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships is being held in Baku for the first time. During three-day championships, senior and junior gymnasts will compete in the programs of 'Individual Women', 'Individual Men', 'Mixed Pairs', 'Trios', 'Groups', as well as 'Aerobic Dance', 'Aerobic Step' (only seniors). In the team competition, the winners will be defined for the five best performances. The championships will bring together gymnasts from 22 countries. In total, the gymnasts will compete for 15 medal sets.