Peskov: Ukraine needs continuing Russian gas transit

Peskov: Ukraine needs continuing Russian gas transit

Russia has no plans of stopping transiting natural gas across Ukraine even in spite of having alternative routes, but Kiev shows unwillingness to reach an agreement on the issue, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Now Russia will have every opportunity to ensure the required supplies to Western consumers due to other alternative routes. Will Russia take advantage of this? Definitely not. President Putin has reiterated that we are not refusing from transit via Ukraine, but we cannot do it unless our Ukrainian counterparts want it," he stressed.

Peskov emphasized that Ukraine needs continuing gas transit through its territory.

"Talks were held this week between representatives of Gazprom, Ukrainian counterparts and representatives of the European Commission over transit via Ukraine. The question is ‘Should we transit through Ukraine?’ Well, we definitely need, and it is obvious that we need," TASS cited the spokesman as saying.

"If there is no transit, Ukraine’s gas transportation system will simply collapse," he said.