Peskov: Kremlin getting prepared for Normandy Quartet summit

Peskov: Kremlin getting prepared for Normandy Quartet summit

Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that preparations for a summit in the Normandy format are underway and have already entered the final stage.

"The Normandy format [summit] is scheduled for December 9, indeed," TASS cited him a saying.

Peskov also noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have an international telephone conversation later in the day. He did not say however who the Russian president was going to speak with, noting only that the conversation "will be largely linked with the arrangements for the Normandy format."

He has also declined to put forward any forecasts on the outcome of the event. "I will not state any expectations regarding the Normandy Four [summit]. This is a very significant and much anticipated meeting," he told reporters on Monday. Peskov recalled that "there had been a long break in the work of the Normandy format."

"Let’s neither overestimate expectations, so as not to be disappointed later on nor underrate them hoping that the preparations will yield their results," the Kremlin spokesman stressed.