Polad Nametullayev: tourism cooperation with Azerbaijan important for Dagestan

Polad Nametullayev: tourism cooperation with Azerbaijan important for Dagestan

This year Dagestan arrived in Baku at the Azerbaijan International Travel and Tourism Fair AITF for the first time after a long break in order to demonstrate its widest range of its modern opportunities to tourism companies within the framework of the tourist tourism, the director of the Tourist Center 'Derbent-2000' Polad Nametullayev said, speaking to Vestnik Kavkza.

The official first of all drew attention to the high level of the delegation, which came from Dagestan. "This year the newly established Ministry of Tourism and Folk Arts arrive in Baku," he said.

Derbent occupies an important place in the Dagestan exhibition at the exhibition in Baku. "Derbent is listed in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. There are more than 64 historical objects in the republic, of which almost 15 are located in the territory of Derbent. The Tourist Center 'Derbent-2000' was created to support the development of the tourist potential of the city and present Derbent as a tourist Mecca of the Caucasus, show its importance," Polad Nametullayev said.

Azerbaijan is one of the most important partners of Dagestan, including in the tourism sector, the director of the Tourist Center 'Derbent-2000' stressed. "Azerbaijan is very advanced in the field of tourism now. Meetings and agreements which we can conclude here are very important for Dagestan. The tourist flow in Dagestan has grown significantly for the past 2-3 years: if in 2011-2012 there were about 100-120 thousand tourists a year, last year, according to official figures, the tourist flow was about 600 thousand tourists, of which 100-150 thousand visited Derbent," he said.

"Mostly it is about domestic tourism, but we are very interested in developing inbound and outbound tourism with Azerbaijan. Dagestan is the southernmost point on the map of Russia bordering on the Republic of Azerbaijan, so we have a very strong partnership with Baku in the field of tourism. First of all, we see Azerbaijanis' interest in Dagestan sanatoriums. There is also a great interest in Derbent as a tourist and historical center," Polad Nametullayev concluded.


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