Polish FM to visit Turkey

Polish FM to visit Turkey

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said he will travel to Turkey for talks aiming to find out whether Ankara is changing course in foreign policy after a failed coup in the country.

“What is their attitude to relations with the European Union and NATO, because this is a very important issue for us. Do the Turks still want to function in NATO and implement the decisions of the NATO summit in Warsaw? What are relations with Russia like, which are now taking on a new character?" the minister asked.

Waszczykowski said that "the Turkish policy at the moment has come closer to the Russian one,” he said, adding that Russia is cooperating with Iran also.

“And there are certain common Turkish-Iranian interests, especially in the Middle East in the face of the Islamic state. Can we conclude from this that a new triangle is forming? I do not know yet. I do not think this is the case," he said.

“Turkey continues to be a reliable member of NATO. We do not see any deviations from NATO policy on Ankara’s part. But of course during the trip with my Romanian colleague we will want to confirm this policy within the framework of NATO," Waszczykowski said.