Poll: Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads U.S. President Donald Trump by 12 points in a new national poll.

The latest Monmouth University survey finds Biden at 53%, compared to Trump at 41%, The Hill reported.

Biden’s lead has grown steadily over the past few months, from 3 points in March, to 4 points in April, to 9 points in May and 12 points presently.

50% of all voters say they’re certain they will not vote for Trump, compared to 39% who said they’re certain they will not vote for Biden. 40% of Biden’s supporters say they’re certain they’ll vote for him, compared to 34% of Trump’s supporters.

Biden’s favorability rating is at 44 positive and 44 negative, up from 42 positive and 49 negative last month. Trump’s favorability rating is at 38 positive and 55 negative.

The Monmouth survey found that 52% of voters are at least somewhat confident that Biden has the mental and physical stamina needed to be president, compared to 45% who said the same of Trump.

However, 33% said they’re very confident Trump has the physical and mental stamina needed, compared to 23% who said they’re very confident in Biden.

The Monmouth University of 867 U.S. adults was conducted from June 26 to June 30 and has a 3.6% margin of error.


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