Predatory animals escape from Tbilisi Zoo

Predatory animals escape from Tbilisi Zoo

Wolves, lions, tigers, bears, a hippopotamus and a crocodile have appeared on the streets of Tbilisi after Tbilisi Zoo was flooded last night during heavy rain, due to which the city center has now been declared a disaster area.

"Due to heavy rain, animals escaped from Tbilisi Zoo. The extraordinary situations headquarters is asking people not to panic and not to spread unverified information, and not to leave their houses," reads a statement from the headquarters for flood relief.

Due to the extreme situation, the authorities are not attempting to put the escaped animals to sleep, but are immediately shooting them. It is known that on the territory of the Republican Hospital six wolves have been killed. According to eyewitnesses, two lions and tigers were shot. Three bears that escaped from the zoo have not been found yet.