Pro-Amulsar protest staged outside government building in Yerevan

Pro-Amulsar protest staged outside government building in Yerevan

A demonstration in support of Amulsar is staged today outside the building of the Armenian government in Yerevan.

Armenian police do not allow participants in a protest to enter the government building. reported.

The Armenian Environmental Front initiative has issued statement, according to which Advanced Resources Development (ELARD) Lebanese consultancy firm has not submitted a conclusion with respect to the Amulsar gold mine, but rather just studied the documents presented by Lydian Armenia which operates this mine.

"The study has found that there are in them numerous shortcomings, omissions, facts on data being incomplete or completely absent, the use of inadequate and scientifically inacceptable risk assessment methods, incorrectly presented facts, incorrect conclusions, etc.," the statement reads.

The Investigative Committee of Armenia publicized the final conclusion on the Amulsar gold mine examination yesterday. According to the results of this examination, the contaminated waters of the Amulsar mine are very unlikely to have an impact on the Jermuk springs, since there are no paths to transfer the groundwater flow and the contamination.


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