Prosperous Armenia party denies any arrangements with Pashinyan

Prosperous Armenia party denies any arrangements with Pashinyan

The Prosperous Armenia party has no particular arrangements with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan not to nominate its own candidate for the prime-ministerial position, vice-speaker of the parliament and the Prosperous Armenia party member, Mikael Melkumyan, said.

"We have no final decision. We just heard the government’s information. Arguments and counterarguments were presented. The government remained of the same opinion, and the party has n arrangement to refrain from nominating its candidate," ARKA cited Melkumyan as saying,

According to him, the early elections should be conducted in May-June 2019. 

Yesterday, after three parties’ lawmakers in a bid to retain their seats in the National Assembly passed a bill hobbling dismissal of the parliament, Pashinyan called on people to come to the area outside the parliament building.

Later, Pashinyan talked to representatives of parliamentary factions to find a way out of the political deadlock. According to him, a verbal arrangement was made with them not to nominate their candidates for the prime-ministerial position, the parliament will be dismissed and early elections will be conducted in the first half of December. 


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