Protesters demand Yerevan mayor’s resignation

Protesters demand Yerevan mayor’s resignation

A protest is being held outside the Yerevan Municipality building, in the capital city of Armenia.

According to the respective press release by the initiative group of this demonstration, they demand the resignation of Yerevan mayor Taron Margaryan and the dissolution of the current municipal council. 

"A statement-demand substantiating Taron Margaryan’s resignation will be presented during the rally. Also, an 'Open Loudspeaker' will operate, whereby the citizens will present the illegalities, the financial misuse committed by Taron Margaryan and the RPA [members of the Yerevan] Council of Elders, and the numerous unresolved problems that exist in the capital city," the press release says.

Margaryan was appointed the Yerevan mayor in 2011.


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