Protesters surround Sargsyan’s residency

Protesters surround Sargsyan’s residency

Protesters have surrounded Serzh Sargsyan’s residency in Yerevan yesterday evening.

The leader of the Civil Contract opposition party, MP Nikol Pashinyan, has urged his supporters to blockade all government facilities across the country.

"The whole country can hear me at the moment. I am urging everyone to head to government buildings, get into offices, paralyze the activity of the entire government sector," Pashinyan told a meeting late on Wednesday. 

"Rural residents and residents of townships should compel all heads of local administrations to join the opposition movement," TASS cited Pashinyan as saying.

Parliament voted in Sarkisian as prime minister on April 17, sparking the largest protest in Armenia in years, with tens of thousands taking to the streets.

Heeding a call Nikol Pashinyan, protesters had held rallies over recent days to denounce a change in the political system that they say is a bid to ensure Sargsyan can remain in power.

A constitutional amendment approved in 2015 has transferred governing powers from the presidency to the premier.

Pashinyan has called for "a peaceful velvet revolution" and urged his supporters to set up "revolutionary committees" across the country.


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