Putin’s approval rating still high

Putin’s approval rating still high

Over 82% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s work as the nation’s president, according to the poll conducted by the state-run VTSIOM agency in late September.

“The approval rate of the president’s work remains extremely high despite an insignificant drop in September – from 85.3% to 82.2% in mean values by week,” the VTSIOM report reads. The agency added that the proportion of respondents who said they disapprove of the president’s activities increased from 9% in early September to 10.6% at the end of the month.

The assessment rating of the government’s work was also slightly down in September, according to VTIOM’s poll – from 59.8% in the beginning of the month to 58.7% in the last week of September. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s personal rating fell from 54.3% to 53.6%, the RT reported.

The share of Russians who approve of the work of the State Duma was 53.2%, while 59.7% of respondents claimed they approved of the work of the Federation Council.