Putin: Russia has cooperation plans with Iran

Putin: Russia has cooperation plans with Iran

Russia has cooperation plans with Iran, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the U.S. television network NBC.

"We have cooperation plans with Iran, including the military and technical cooperation. And all of this fits the framework of the decisions that were agreed upon in our program in regard to Iran’s nuclear program in the context of U.N. decisions together with our partners in the preparation of the JCPOA whereby some point sanctions, including in the area of military and technical cooperation, should be lifted from Iran," the head of state stressed.

The two countries "have certain programs which - concern conventional weapons, if it gets that far. However, we haven't even gone to that stage yet. We don't even have any kind of real cooperation even in the conventional weapons area. So if - if anybody is - inventing something regarding - modern space-based technology, this is just - plain fiction. This is just - fake news," Putin added.


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