Putin: Russian authorities prevent critical economic contraction during pandemic

(c) Kremlin website
(c) Kremlin website

Russian authorities managed to prevent a critical economic contraction and protected people during the pandemic, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the government.

"We prevented a critical contraction," he said, adding that the leading areas were kept as "certain systemic measures supporting almost all sectors" were developed.

"The main thing is that we managed to solve the issue of protecting people overall," the president noted.

Thanks to the coordinated work of the authorities, it was possible to ensure the stability and sustainability of macroeconomic indicators in 2020 in Russia, he said.

Putin noted that it was thanks to teamwork that the authorities were able to do a lot to smooth out the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, to help those who were in especially difficult situation.

"Despite all the difficulties, stability and sustainability of macroeconomic indicators were ensured, implementation of landmark infrastructure projects continued," the Russian head of state stressed.