Putin admits what bothers him most

Putin admits what bothers him most

While working on a message from the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that he was "very concerned about the stagnation in real incomes of the population."

"We are worried, I am very concerned about the stagnation in real incomes of the population," the president said, adding that he is now preparing the message to be delivered on January 15. He did not disclose the contents of the document, referring to the fact that it is not finalized yet.

“I can’t share details yet, there are no final decisions. There are options, but no final decisions have been made,” he explained, adding that he means “issues related to overcoming stagnation in the sphere of income citizens, with a decrease in the number of people living at the minimum wage, with poverty alleviation,” TASS reports.

“These decisions must be made,” Putin said, assuring that in his work he pays special attention to the issue of increasing the income level of citizens.

Recall that the president’s message to the Federal Assembly is, as a rule, a regular annual speech by the head of state enshrined in the Constitution as his duty. The president outlines the main directions of the country's development and sets the corresponding tasks for the government and parliament. The text of the message is being prepared for several weeks, but usually the contents of the document are not disclosed until the announcement.

Last year, the president delivered a message on February 20.

The problem of reducing real incomes of citizens was raised during Putin’s big press conference, which was held in Moscow on December 19, 2019. In an interview with reporters, the president acknowledged that there has been a decline in recent years, describing it as a negative fact and expressing the opinion that the problem should be solved on the basis of increased labor productivity and GDP.


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