Putin among Bloomberg’s 50 Most Influential

 Putin among Bloomberg’s 50 Most Influential

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been rated 30th on the list of Bloomberg’s 50 Most Influential in financial markets.

Bloomberg notes that despite he’s isolated, and the Russian economy has pretty much become a no-go for U.S. and European investors, Putin shows little concern about the effects sanctions and low global energy prices are having. 

In a Bloomberg interview, he cited significant new investment in Russia’s oil and gas industry and the adequacy of his financial resources. “We absolutely have enough gold and foreign currency reserves,” he said. 

UK Prime Minister Theresa May took the top spot. Bloomberg stressed that at stake is the City’s status as Europe’s premier financial center. 

Candidates for US president Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in the second place. The next is the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As in previous years, Bloomberg asked dozens of its reporters and editors to nominate candidates. Then a panel of senior editors vetted and voted, narrowing the field from more than 100 names down to 50.