Putin and Abe agree on joint economic activities on Kuril Islands

Putin and Abe agree on joint economic activities on Kuril Islands

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have discussed the details of bilateral document concerning the consultations on joint economic activities on the four South Kuril Islands, Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov said.

"We had a direct discussion on the issues of free visits (to the South Kuril Islands) for former citizens of the islands, joint economic activity as part of a special system on the four islands and also the issue of a peace treaty," TASS cited Abe as saying.

Ushakov added that the document mentioned such spheres as fishing, tourism, medicine, environmental protection as well as some others. When asked if these activities will be based on Russia’s legislation, Ushakov said: "Of course, since it is Russia’s territory."

"Experts have been working on the documents for several weeks but still failed to draw up an agreement that would suit both countries so the leaders had to tackle the issue. It took them about 40 minutes to finally agree on the text that will be published tomorrow," the Russian presidential aide said.

"According to the document, the two countries’ experts should start detailed consultations on the spheres and conditions of joint economic activities on the South Kuril Islands," Ushakov elaborated.


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