Putin and Kurz to hold talks in St Petersburg

Putin and Kurz to hold talks in St Petersburg

Russia's President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in St Petersburg next week, Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky said.

Kurz is expected to make a visit to Russia for a discussion of relations between Moscow and the EU, as well as the situation in Ukraine and in Syria, a spokesperson for the Office of the Federal Chancellor said.

"The Chancellor and President Putin will have a tour of the exhibition titled ‘The Imperial Capitals: St Petersburg and Vienna’ at the State Hermitage Museum that opened at the Art History Museum in Vienna when Putin was visiting Austria," TASS cited the spokesperson as saying.

"Also, Kurz and Putin will have working talks on bilateral relations, energy sector problems, relations between the EU and Russia and the situation in Ukraine and Syria," he added.

Austrian officials say, however, the sides have not coordinated the final date of the visit yet.