Putin and Tokayev hold talks in Kremlin

Putin and Tokayev hold talks in Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has highlighted the contribution made by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev as a member of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s team to cultivating ties between Russia and Kazakhstan, expressing the hope that the visit by Kazakhstan’s new president will give a fresh impetus to the development of bilateral cooperation.

"You are aware of the level of our relations, you yourself have done a lot to make sure that contacts between Russia and Kazakhstan reach such a level," Putin said opening face-to-face talks with his Kazakh counterpart. "Of course, Kazakhstan’s first president deserves credit for that, but the entire team worked to accomplish that goal, and we have achieved a great deal."

Putin pointed to the allied nature of relations, both in terms of international cooperation and bilateral ties. "I am confident that your current visit together with a team that came with you will contribute to strengthening our multifaceted, multilateral allied relations," TASS cited the Russian leader as saying.

Putin noted that he had known Tokayev for a long time, adding that he was glad to welcome him to the Kremlin as the head of state. He congratulated Tokayev on assuming office.


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