Putin and Trump talked at G20 without U.S. translator - media

Putin and Trump talked at G20 without U.S. translator - media

Russian President Vladimir Putin sat with U.S. President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires in late November without a translator or aide from his administration present, The Financial Times reported.

Trump was joined by his wife Melania Trump, but there was no note-taker or translator from the U.S. at the meeting. Putin was reportedly accompanied by a translator, with all four at a table.

A Russian government official said that the talk lasted about 15 minutes and included discussions about the Syrian conflict and a clash days earlier between Russian forces and the Ukrainian navy. Trump and Putin also talked about the potential for a formal meeting, the official said.

The White House previously acknowledged that Trump came together for an "informal conversation" with Putin during the summit, but did not disclose specifics. The White House did not provide comment about the report Tuesday.

Trump planned to meet formally with Putin at the G-20 summit, but scrapped those plans as he took off for Argentina, citing Moscow's military tensions with Ukraine at the time.