Putin: capital inflow and outflow is a natural process

Putin: capital inflow and outflow is a natural process

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the outflow of capital from the country is insignificant and the authorities have been doing a good job to improve the investment climate.

Speaking in an interview for the TASS project "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin" he said that "not very much money has flowed out of the country, if we bear in mind how much money has flowed into the country."

"The outflow of capital does exist, it is quite evident," the head of state said, noting that the picture varies from year to year. "Generally speaking, it is a natural process - capital inflow and outflow," Putin stressed.

"The more stable the rules of the game are, the more reliable the protection of investment and property we provide - the more confident investors will feel," Putin believes.

The government is obliged to create conditions for investment - this is definitely true. Better conditions must be created for controlling inflation," the Russian president noted.


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