Putin: conditions for improvement created in Syria

Putin: conditions for improvement created in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that conditions for improvement have been created in Syria.

"Thanks to the efforts of Russia and other concerned countries that conditions have been created to improve the situation in Syria," the President said in his article, headlined 'BRICS: Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership,' published ahead of the group’s summit due on September 3-5 in China.

We have delivered a powerful blow to the terrorists and laid the groundwork for launching the movement towards a political settlement and the return of the Syrian people to peace," Putin said, adding that "the fight against terrorists in Syria and other countries and regions must continue."

"Russia calls for going over from debates to the practical creation of a broad counterterrorism front based on international law and led by the UN. Naturally, we highly appreciate the support and assistance of our BRICS partners in this respect," the article says.

Putin buttressed that Russia highly values the multifaceted cooperation that has developed within BRICS. "Our countries’ constructive cooperation on the international arena is aimed at creating a fair multipolar world and equal development conditions for all," the President noted.

He said that Russia stands for closer coordination of the BRICS countries’ foreign policies in international organizations. "It is clear that only the combined efforts of all countries can help bring about global stability and find solutions to many acute conflicts, including those in the Middle East," he concluded.