Putin: export of weapons is huge responsibility for any country

Putin: export of weapons is huge responsibility for any country

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that hotspots have turned out to be a meal ticket for some arms traders, but deviating from international law on this point is impermissible.

"It seems that hotspots and conflict zones have become for some just a profitable business, a hub for diversified shady deals to supply weapons to countries and regions with an unstable military and political situation."

"The export of weapons is a huge responsibility for any country, and it is very important that all participants of the global market understand that," he said at a meeting of the commission for military-technical cooperation.

According to Putin, Moscow is committed to its obligations in the war on terror and responsibly deals with the issue of choosing buyers for its weapons.

"National manufacturers and suppliers of arms and material had to act in challenging climate, in a situation of an unfair competition, which is already evident, when financial settlements are artificially complicated and hurdles are put up in logistics, securing intellectual property rights, and so on. Overall, this leads to extra costs and complicates the work of Russia’s military and technical cooperation entities," TASS cited Putin as saying.

The President said that Russia would like to sell its weapons to more clients, but in doing so it will certainly keep in mind the matters of global and regional security.

"Of course, it is necessary to strengthen ties with our strategic partners and establish contacts with new customers. Certainly, we are interested in commercial gains from the marketing of military products, but we will always place the interests of global and regional stability above all," he stressed.


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