Putin gives advise to opposition

Putin gives advise to opposition

Russian President Vladimir Putin has advised the opposition to address potential voters with a positive program, and not just endlessly play the blame game by nitpicking the current authorities.

"It is not enough to just blame the authorities in order to convince the electorate that those who do the blaming are exactly those people needed. It is necessary to provide a positive program," the head of state noted.

According to him, criticism was necessary, but it was not enough to develop the country effectively, TASS reported.

Putin added that today’s means of communication has made it possible to let any point of view be known to the public, so it is utterly unnecessary to stage unauthorized demonstrations. "Get permission, go and express your opinion," he noted.

"After all, you see the Internet, the mass media, including the opposition media, they will come wherever you are, just anywhere you are, wherever you go, wherever you gather to express your discontent with the ruling authorities," the president stressed.


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