Putin on reasons of anti-Russian sentiment in the West

Putin on reasons of anti-Russian sentiment in the West

Russophobia in the West is related with the emergence of a multi-polar world, which monopolists do not like, Russian President Vladimir Putin  said at a meeting the chiefs of the leading news agencies.

"I would like to say a few words about the causes of what is happening. They are quite obvious. In some countries it is overflowing. This is related with the emergence of a multi-polar world, which the monopolists dislike. As is known, monopoly is a bad thing, but monopolists always press for it in all industries and in all spheres of our life," Putin stressed.

Putin recalled that the emergence of a multi-polar world was largely a result of Russia’s work to safeguard its legitimate interests." He said Russia’s partners in a number of countries "have begun to make attempts to contain Russia, to resist its legitimate wish to ensure national interests and in doing so they resort to all sorts of actions, including economic restrictions that do not fit in with the framework of international law."

"Now they have been able to see that this does not work, that the effect is zero, and this causes annoyance and wish to attain the original aims at any cost, to fan tensions. To the regret of those who do such things we avoid furnishing them the slightest occasion for this, but they keep looking for an excuse there where there is none," TASS cited Putin as saying.

At the same time he hopes that Russophobic sentiment in the world will not last indefinitely and the world will eventually develop the awareness it is counterproductive.

"For how long will it last? I do hope that it will be not indefinite and that it will not last long at least because there must emerge the understanding at last that it is counter-productive and harms all. It does harm us but it also backfires on those who initiate such policies. The way I see it, this awareness is already on the doorstep. We do see certain changes in the situation. The changes are for the better and I hope that this trend will continue," the President concluded.


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