Putin: outgoing year was difficult, its burden was several years’ worth

Putin: outgoing year was difficult, its burden was several years’ worth

The outgoing year was difficult for all. Its burden seems to have been several years’ worth, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in the customary New Year address to the nation.

The residents of the Kamchatka Peninsula were the first audience to hear it minutes before midnight.

"Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends! In just several minutes 2020 will be over. When we saw it in a year ago, we, just like people around the world, of course looked forward to and cherished changes for the better. Nobody could have imagined then what trials were in store for us. Now it seems that the outgoing year’s burden was several years’ worth. It was hard for all of us, it brought concerns, great material problems and worries. Some experienced bitter losses of near and dear ones," Putin said.

"But the outgoing year was also a year of hope for overcoming the hardships and of pride for those who displayed the best human and professional qualities and the awareness of how very important reliable, sincere and genuine relations among people, friendship and trust are," the Russian leader stressed.

"We have lived through this year with dignity, in a way that is befitting for a united people, who revere the traditions of their ancestors. These values, such as courage, sympathy and clemency, live on in our character and doings," TASS cited him as saying.

He stressed that Russia’s citizens in their everyday life bore in mind the benchmark set by war veterans, "the valiant generation that defeated the Nazi plague."

"In defiance of all hindrances we performed our sacrosanct duty, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory with appreciation and gratitude," Putin recalled.


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