Putin points to stable working relationship with Biden

Putin points to stable working relationship with Biden

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he has rather stable working relations with his US counterpart Joe Biden, TASS reports. 

Answering a question whether the two leaders discussed oil prices and the OPEC+ deal, the Russian president answered in a negative.

"But we do stay in contact with the US Administration. In general, in my opinion, President Biden and I have rather stable working relations," Putin said.

He noted that US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland is currently in Moscow. "She and her Russian colleagues are discussing our further contacts with President Biden," Putin said. "So we currently have rather constructive relations with the current [US] Administration."

Meanwhile, he stated that Russia will work with any US president that the American people will elect. Speaking to Putin, CNBC reported Hadley Gamble pointed to the possible re-election of Donald Trump and asked the Russian president if this would be good for the energy market.

"This is not our business. I do not want to voice any assessment. I have said it before - even before Trump’s election, and after that, and before the recent elections - […] that we will work with any US leader that the American voters, the American people elect. We will voice no assessments," Putin underscored.


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