Putin reveals his secret office in Kremin

Putin reveals his secret office in Kremin

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed his "secret" office in the Kremlin’s building number 1. The head of state does not conduct public meetings in this office, so its doors remained closed to journalists until now.

Putin made an exception during the interview for the "Russia. Kremlin. Putin" documentary, teased on Rossiya 1 TV channel. 

The President started his conversation with the journalists in an office, where he usually conducts working meetings with a small number of attendees. He disclosed that there are several more rooms beyond the doors.

"There is a kitchen and a lounge. But, be warned, I did not prepare anything there, so there is… working atmosphere there," the head of state noted.

 "You are probably here for the first time," TASSS cited him as saying.

Next to the President’s desk were children’s arts and crafts: gifts to the President. A portrait of Peter the Great decorates the room.


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