Putin signs constitutional amendments into law

Putin signs constitutional amendments into law

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially singed a law on introducing amendments to the Russian Constitution, a document published on the official legal information web portal showed on Saturday, Sputnik reports.

The law "On improving the regulation of certain issues of the organisation and functioning of public authority" was dated 11 March.

The law was passed by both houses of Russia’s Parliament and includes amendments imposing new requirements for the president, ministers, and various officials. It stipulates social guarantees, and changing Parliament's authority, among other things. Moreover, these changes allow the incumbent president to seek re-election in 2024.

The law will need to be approved by the Russian public in vote slated for 22 April.

In late January, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill to the Duma about amendments to the fundamental law. Putin suggested significant changes to the Constitution, including reducing the presidency to two terms and expanding the role of the legislature. Putin also said that the State Council, currently an advisory body made up of regional governors, should have its status and duties fixed in the Constitution.