Putin to meet Trump in Buenos Aires

Putin to meet Trump in Buenos Aires

There is an agreement about a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump at a G20 summit in Argentina, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"Moscow and Washington confirmed it publicly," the Russian minister said, answering the question about whether a meeting between the Russian and US leaders will be held at the G20 summit in Argentina. The top diplomat added that he doesn't have any other information.

"There is such an agreement. Representatives for the presidential administrations already said about everything connected with this meeting," TASS cited Lavrov as saying.

President of the Minchenko Consulting Communication Group, Yevgeny Minchenko, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza earler, noted that the task of this meeting will be an attempt to keep the conflict from growing after the introduction of sanctions.

"Trump is interested in removing the topic of Russian meddling in U.S. elections from public discourse. In the end, I think they may start declaring that they have agreed with Moscow and Moscow has promised not to interfere in the mid-term elections and did not interfere. However, considering the fact that the previous facts of the so-called intervention were not proved, it will be possible to interpret any events as interference. I think that's what the Democrats will do," Yevgeny Minchenko expects.

Head of the Department of Political Science of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Gevorg Mirzayan, explained the change of the venue from Paris to Buenos Aires with intra-American reasons. “After the elections, it is necessary to determine modus vivendi between Trump and the Democrats, who have taken the majority in the House of Representatives, and the behavior of the American President in the context of modus vivendi. on domestic policy (then toughening of sanctions against Russia is possible) - or Trump will try to cooperate with us and have greater freedom of action towards Russia. It is important to understand how aggressive Trump's new policy will be, because if the Democrats start blocking him on the domestic scene, the president will have to achieve fast and demonstrative victories in the international arena to give voters in the 2020 list of successes," he said.

“Striving for quick victories can lead to destabilization of the world, which we do not need, which will be discussed at Putin’s meeting with Trump. In addition to this, regardless of the outcome of the congressional elections, it is important to compare notes on the conflicts in which Russia and the United States are involved, primarily in Syria and Ukraine. So far, there has bee no certainty, perhaps that is why the meeting in Paris will not take place, because first they need to decide which arrangements they can and should make," Gevorg Mirzayan concluded.


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