Results of Vision of Eurasian Integration in Terms of Changing Geopolitical Conditions

Results of Vision of Eurasian Integration in Terms of Changing Geopolitical Conditions

A press conference of the expert club Vision of Eurasian Integration in Terms of Changing Geopolitical Conditions has take place at the press center of Vestnik Kavkaza. It was devoted to the results of the fifth, final meeting of the club, that took place this morning at the Russian State Humanitarian University. 

The press conference was attended by the head of the Berlek-Unity geopolitical center Radik Murzagaleev, the president of the Public Fund Center for Social and Political Studies Strategy Gulmira Ileuova, a political scientist, advisor to the Research Institute Public opinion Adil Kaukenov, as well as independent political analyst Mars Sariev.

As noted by Radik Murzagaleev, one feature of the main peculiarity of the project Vision of Eurasian Integration is its geography. "All our events were held in different regions. Thus, the first phase was held in Ufa, then in Orenburg, Kazan, and now in Moscow. We tried to attract as many people as possible, experts and our audience in general, focusing on the student community. In our view, the club has managed work with young people well, as well as establishing contacts with experts from Central Asia. We would like to thank them very much," the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports Murzagaleev as saying.

Speaking about the project, Gulmira Ileuova spoke about the need to pay more attention to the explanation of the meaning and benefits of Eurasian integration for the peoples of the member states of the EAEU. 

"At today's meeting in the Russian State Humanitarian University pwe understood that the current public support isn’t enough. There are heads of state and government activities in the framework of Eurasian integration processes, but there is still no strong support at the level of the population. Not all people see themselves in these processes, not everyone realizes the benefits. But without understanding at the level of ordinary people, it is more difficult to carry out the state policy," she pointed out, and proposed developing a series of memorable visual attributes of the Eurasian Union.

Answering a question by the moderator of the round-table discussion, chief editor of Vestnik Kavkaza Maria Sidelnikova, about how you can make the EAEU closer and more understandable to residents of Eurasian integration, Ileuova stressed that people should stop being in the background of the integration processes.


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