Results of elections in Georgia: depressing picture and quiet life

Results of elections in Georgia: depressing picture and quiet life

The results of parliamentary elections in Georgia have demonstrated a depressing picture of Georgian political field, head of the Institute of Management Strategy Petre Mamradze said today in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on the outcome of Saturday's elections.

First of all, he noted that despite a four-year reign of 'Georgian Dream', Mikheil Saakashvili's 'United National Movement' still managed to preserve its electorate. "Due to completely incompetent actions of the 'Georgian Dream', the UNM was able to keep 12-13% of its support. This is a number of citizens who consistently vote for this party during all recent elections - those are organized, motivated voters. That is why with the turnout of 51% the UNM gained 27% of votes," he explained relatively high result of the former ruling party. 

"And these 27% are very depressing. People who have committed so many crimes against Georgia, against all of its citizens, destroyed the economy, left the country with a huge debt and then, just like Saakashvili himself, fled the country, still managed to keep these 12-13% , which even turned into 27% during the elections themselves," he said.

The result of 'Georgian Dream' is frustrating for another reason. "It is sad that these votes were earned by the administrative resource. There are almost no people in Georgia practically who enthusiastically want to vote for the 'Dream'. And if there was no administrative resource, they would not have this support," he believes.

At the same time, he noted that these elections were held in completely new political conditions for Georgia. "I must agree with foreign observers that these are the first elections in Georgia without a 'big man', without the Messiah, as was promised by Bidzina Ivanishvili. Normal people voted for normal people, there was no 'leaderism' at all, and this is very important. Apart from two or three polling stations where the UNM representatives were attacked everything was calm. It is also important, because it shows that the population of Georgia is becoming more mature in democratic processes," he stressed.

According to him, if there won't be a collapse in the economy, new parliament will bring more quiet life to Georgia. "Saakashvili, Odessa governor, who has been hyperactive in recent weeks, constantly made public statements, threatened that he will return to Georgia no matter what, then gave an interview that he is not going to come back. He backed down, just like all his comrades. The situation was really quiet yesterday, and it is quiet today," he concluded.


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