Robber of Bank of Georgia branch in Kvareli detained

Robber of Bank of Georgia branch in Kvareli detained

The armed robber who attacked the Bank of Georgia branch in Kvareli, eastern Georgian region of Kakheti earlier today has been detained, the Georgian Interior Ministry reports.

The individual, identified only as Sh.M. and born in 1972, was detained for holding 13 individuals hostage, as well as illegal purchase and possession of ammunition. 

 Everything was held at the highest possible level and it ended without blood, thank God!” Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri said.

Noting that the detainee has been identified, Minister Gomelauri did not provide further details.  

"I want to thank everyone, [especially] our personnel as well as the bank personnel, everyone who was inside," cited him as saying.

The man, who held the individuals hostage in a hold up of a Bank of Georgia branch, allegedly demanded over half a million GEL. However, over an hour before his detention all the hostages were safely released.