Rouhani: Iran to speed up its uranium enrichment

Rouhani: Iran to speed up its uranium enrichment

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran would take another step away from a 2015 nuclear deal by starting to develop centrifuges to speed up its uranium enrichment but it also gave European powers two more months to try to save the multilateral pact.

"From Friday, we will witness research and development on different kinds of centrifuges and new centrifuges and also whatever is needed for enriching uranium in an accelerated way," Rouhani said in a televised address. "All limitations on our Research and Development will be lifted on Friday," Reuters cited him as saying.

The president noted that it's unlikely that they will reach a result with Europe by today or tomorrow. "Europe will have another two months to fulfill its commitments," he added.

But Rouhani also said Iran’s new measures will be "peaceful, under surveillance of the U.N. nuclear watchdog and reversible" if European powers keep their promises.