Rouhani: Iran to sum up Zarif's visit to Biarritz

Rouhani: Iran to sum up Zarif's visit to Biarritz

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani struck a conciliatory tone after his foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif visited the G7 in Biarritz to discuss salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal, telling an event in Tehran that the country was willing to "give diplomacy a chance."

The Iranian president noted that they will discuss Zarif's visit to the G7 summit with relevant officials.

"We should do our job and take action. Even if the odds of success are not 90%, but are 20 or 10%, we must move ahead with it. We should not miss opportunities," Euronews cited Rouhani as saying.

His comments came after Zarif visited Paris and later Biarritz, holding talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and briefing representatives of the British and German governments. Zarif described the discussions as "constructive."