Rouhani: Tehran and Baku have great potential for cooperation

Rouhani: Tehran and Baku have great potential for cooperation

Azerbaijan and Iran have great potential for development of bilateral cooperation, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani said.

According to him, the republics have established close cooperation and they do everything in order to ensure its extension in the future. In particular, they hold talks regarding the development of cooperation in the oil industry. 

The Iranian President also noted that the two countries are making joint efforts to ensure the protection of the Caspian environment and sharing its resources. In this regard, Rouhani said that Tehran has managed to establish good relations with all the countries of the region.

Speaking about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, he noted a lessening of false information about the situation in the conflict zone. According to him, this can help to ensure a settlement and security in the South Caucasus, Trend reports.

Earlier, Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen noted that relations between the two countries are developing so successfully that they could become a standard for other countries in the region. This contributes to the solutions of various issues, as well supports the development of economic cooperation between the republics.

"Iran and Azerbaijan have good economic relations. In addition, our country can become a guarantor of peace and stability in the region by means of developing and implementing programs in order to get rid of existing threats," the diplomat said.

The countries actively cooperate in the field of finance. In particular, according to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Iran, the co-chairman of the intergovernmental commission from Iran, Mahmoud Vaez, Iran is now actively discussing the creation of joint bank branches on the territories of the two republics. In addition, it is possible that two branches of Iranian banks will start working in Azerbaijan soon. 

Iran is interested in its northern neighbor as a potential partner in exporting energy resources to Europe. The creation of such a transit route became a topic for discussion at the meeting of the Minister of Roads and Urban development, Abbas Akhund, and the Transport Coordination Council. The relevance of this route is particularly increased in connection with the difficult situation in the east of Turkey, through which Iran now supplies resources to its partners in the West.