Rouhani marks Iranian wheat production self-sufficiency

Rouhani marks Iranian wheat production self-sufficiency

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani participated in a ceremony to celebrate the success of domestic producers to hit a record wheat production level of 11.5 million tons in a year.

President Rouhani emphasized that attaining self-sufficiency in production of wheat was a significant success particularly given that the country faced severe shortages of enough supplies when he took office in mid-2013.    
He said the situation was so dire that the reserves of wheat in some provinces could only support demand for a maximum of two weeks.   
“We had difficulties for importing wheat and transferring money to pay for the imports due to the sanctions,” Press TV cited Rouhani as saying.Celebration.
Iran’s deputy minister of agricultural jihad, Abbas Keshavarz, said that the country had attained around 80% self-sufficiency in production of essential agricultural products. 


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