Rufat Mammadov: we increase ties between business circles of Russia and Azerbaijan

Rufat Mammadov: we increase ties between business circles of Russia and Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani authorities have applied serious efforts to expanding and strengthening ties between the business circles of Russia and Azerbaijan, the head of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), Rufat Mammadov, said at an official event held in the framework of the visit by representatives of the Russian media to Azerbaijan on the eve of the parliamentary elections on November 1st.

"Over the past five years, more than 40 events, business forums and business meetings have been held. We are discussing those sectors that are of great interest to both our business and the business of Russia," the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza cited him as saying.

Among the major sectors in which Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation is possible, according to Mammadov, are industry, agriculture and the food industry. "Azerbaijan is a traditional supplier of both agricultural and processed products to the market of the CIS countries," the head of AzPromo said.

"Azerbaijan is actively investing in tourism and tourism infrastructure. This sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy," he said.

"And here we see a great potential for mutual cooperation: creation of joint tourist routes, joint projects in tourism education, joint projects in the field of tourism, development of tourism infrastructure, both in Azerbaijan and in the Russian Federation," Mamedov noted.

The head of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation noted that information and communication technologies are also of great importance for Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation. "We are actively investing in various sub-sectors of information technology: the IT, phone and space industries," Mamedov stressed.

"The construction sector is also important. Azerbaijan invests in the development and construction of infrastructure a lot, this sector has always been a priority. This is, first and foremost, technology, know-how in the construction of roads and industrial infrastructure, joint projects in the manufacture of building materials. I think, in the light of import substitution, this area is very important. Finally, cooperation in the provision of services in the construction industry," Mamedov listed.

"Especially I would like to stress the chemistry and petrochemical spheres. For us it is an important and traditional component of our economy. These are mutual deliveries of finished products and technologies related to the chemical industry, including the creation of joint businesses," the head of AzPromo said.

"The environment sector is not only of a social character, but it is also very interesting and important for business. And here I would like to emphasize such a direction as recycling. On the one hand, it's a new direction for Azerbaijan, on the other hand, we already have very good experience in this direction," Mamedov concluded.