Rushan Abbyasov: everything necessary done for Hajj-2017

Rushan Abbyasov: everything necessary done for Hajj-2017

All the necessary conditions for performing a comfortable and inexpensive hajj to Mecca have been created for residents of the North Caucasus this year, the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Spiritual Administration of Muslims Rushan Abbyasov said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

First of all, he noted that this year the majority of Caucasians will leave for Hajj from Dagestan. "Traditionally, the main Caucasian part of the Russian quota is taken by our brothers from the Republic of Dagestan - more than 10 thousand Dagestani pilgrims. A large number of pilgrims this year will be from the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Ingushetia and other republics of the North Caucasus.  All the necessary conditions have been created for them: charter flights to Saudi Arabia will be organized from the airports of Makhachkala, Magas and Grozny," the deputy chairman of the Russian Spiritual Administration of Muslims said.

This year it's cheaper to perform the hajj thanks to the opportunity to get to Mecca in the super-economy mode. "An example of a super-economy route is a flight to Dubai, from where people will go to Mecca by bus. Earlier. pilgrims travel for the hajj mostly by land, but today there are certain difficulties with land routes because of the war in Syria and the unstable situation in other countries of the Middle East," Rushan Abbyasov said.

Undoubtedly, high-class service will also be organized. "There are VIP programs for those who want to live closer to Mecca. There will be lectures and meetings, and our brothers from the North Caucasus will perform the hajj on a par with other Russian Muslims. Each group will be accompanied by a guide. All the recommendations of state structures are already being implemented," he assured.

Those who leave for hajj from Russia will receive special symbols, that they can be easily identified. "Our tour operators make necessary identification signs: badges and bags. Depending on the program, pilgrims will be given one or another set of things. From year to year we adopt the experience of such countries as Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, because we want our Pilgrims feel more comfortable," Rushan Abbyasov stressed.