Russia’s Nordwind Airlines aircraft makes hard landing in Antalya

(c) Flight radar
(c) Flight radar

A passenger aircraft belonging to Russia’s Nordwind Airlines traveling from Moscow has performed a hard landing in Antalya today, Turkish portal Airporthaber informed.

According to the website, pilots of aircraft A321-200 with tail number VQ-BRS requested emergency landing in Antalya due to detection of smoke. During the landing, one of the plane’s landing wheels hit the fuselage, deforming it.

Later, the Russian Consulate General in Antalya said that there were no passengers on the plane. 

"According to the information provided by the local office of Nordwind in Antalya, we confirm that a plane belonging to this company has performed a hard landing. It was flying without passengers, there have been no injuries. Only the plane suffered technical damage," TASS cited the source as saying.