Russia’s aerospace forces kill 85,000 terrorists killed in Syria

Russia’s aerospace forces kill 85,000 terrorists killed in Syria

About 85,000 terrorists were killed in airstrikes delivered by Russia’s aerospace forces over the three years of the counter-terrorist operation in Syria, the chairman of the defense and security committee of Russia’s Federation Council upper parliament house and former commander of Russia’s aerospace forces, Viktor Bondarev, said.

"Over the three years, tens of thousands of terrorists’ targets - munitions depots, strongholds, control centers - have been hit. About 100,000 terrorists have been killed, with about 85,000 of them neutralized by our aerospace forces," Bondarev said, noting "the high precision of the use of air weapons."

"Our aerospace forces have been delivering and continue to deliver pinpoint strikes on terrorists’ targets," TASS cited him as saying.

The Russian taskforce, according to him, has managed to stop terrorists’ attacks, break their defense and gain a stronghold for Syrian government forces. "The tasks we set in Syria have been accomplished. The majority of Syria’s territory has been liberated from terrorists," he said, adding he is convinced that remaining militants will in the long run be done away with.

Bondarev added that Russia’s geostrategic benefits from the counter-terrorist operation in Syria are evident as the country has managed to strengthen its positions in the Middle East, retain its positions on the global energy market and demonstrate its military might.